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Modeling Techniques

Because we produce styrene foam patterns in-house, we are highly flexible and can handle any shape or form.

Casting processes that make use of styrene foam patterns (FMC process) are especially cost-effective when producing smaller lots of complex forms. These processes are suited to build-to-order manufacturing and prototypes. Because we can produce styrene foam patterns in-house, we can handle our customers’ varied needs.

Advantages of Styrene Foam Patterning (FMC Process)

When producing multi-form/small lot orders, as with build-to-order manufacturing and prototyping, costs can be reduced. There may be advantages to a wooden pattern depending on the volume of an order.
There are also advantages both for production machinery made using a pattern-removal casting process and for press dies made with a full mold casting process.

Sizes and Forms We Can Produce

We can manufacture unlimited sizes and weights. As a general rule, we can also produce any form. If you have diagram data for it (both 2D and 3D data can be used, as can paper diagrams), we can manufacture it.

Receiving Data

We can handle any situation. If you don’t have diagrams, we can make castings that are traced from existing objects. Please feel free to consult with us.
3D CAD Diagram → Create Styrene Foam Pattern
(For Press Dies) 2D CAD Diagram → Convert to 3D → Create Styrene Foam Pattern

All Processes Performed In-House…

…up to the completion of the styrene foam pattern (FMC process).
3D CAD → NC → Completion of Pattern → Casting → Cast Product
Diagram → Manually Creating Pattern → Completion of Pattern → Casting → Cast Product

Manufacturing Time

Time to completion will vary according to the shape required. Because we produce styrene foam patterns in-house, we can complete them in as short a time as half a day. This process may take 10 or more days depending on the shape required. Please make any inquiries via our Inquiries/Technical Consultation page.

We can also manufacture artistic styrene foam models.

We accept orders for models that are for aesthetic purposes rather than for casting.

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