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Company Information

Message from Our President

We contribute joy and inspiration to society through metal casting.
Since our founding in 1948, we have carried on a tradition of casting,
which is said to be the root of craftsmanship, at the foot of Mount Fuji, the greatest mountain in Japan.

Casting is a producer goods industry that is indispensable to a variety other industries.
With pride in our role in this supporting industry, assisting in the realization of the dreams of our customers and society in general,
we hope to carry on a tradition of superb craftsmanship and build this company as one that can grow along with society.

We aspire to a continued value to society in a rapidly-changing world and
we cultivate a sense of gratitude that we can continue to serve our customers. We at Umezawa Cyuko wish to make all possible efforts
towards fulfilling our role as a company that delights and can be relied upon by
all of those, our customers in particular, who are involved with us.
I sincerely look forward to many years of serving you all.

Umezawa Cyuko Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Nobuhide Umezawa

Company Summary

Name: Umezawa Cyuko Co., Ltd.
Representative: Nobuhide Umezawa
Locations: Main Office (Casting/Pattern Shop)
2608-48 Nakazato, Fuji City, Shizuoka Prefecture
(within grounds of Ukishima Industrial Park)
Phone +81-545-32-2177 / Fax: +81-545-32-1775
Machine Shop
2608-48 Nakazato, Fuji City, Shizuoka Prefecture
(within grounds of Ukishima Industrial Park)
Phone +81-545-31-0250 / Fax: +81-545-31-0251
Email Address: info@umecyu.co.jp
Homepage Address: https://www.umecyu.co.jp/en/
Established: April 1948
Capital Funds: ¥10,000,000
No. of Employees: 35
Details of Operations: Industrial Machine Components/Press Dies/
Machine Tools/Various Long Pieces (6 m)
Manufacture and sales of cast pieces in regular
cast iron (FC200-FC350) and ductile cast iron (FCD400-FCD700)
Sales of other cast pieces
FMC (Styrene foam patterns)/Wooden patterns
General machining/Boiler manufacturing/Assembly

Company History

1948(S23年) Established in the former Yoshiwara City as Yoshiwara Alloy Foundry.
1962(S37年)4月 Incorporation of Yoshiwara Alloy Foundry Co., Ltd.
Mr. Nobuo Hasegawa assumes office as founding representative director.
1970(S45年)10月 Mr. Minoru Umezawa assumes office as second representative director.
1977(S52年)2月 Complete relocation of factory to Ukishima Industrial Park of Fuji City.
Company name changed to Umezawa Cyuko Co., Ltd.
Launch of production of styrene foam patterns for use in pattern-removal casting.
Launch of casting using the full mold casting process.
1984(S59年)8月 Machine shop in Kamiya, Fuji City, begins operation.
1995(H7年)11月 Insourcing of production of full mold patterns for press dies.
2003(H15年)3月 Acquisition of ISO9001 certification.
2004(H16年)9月 Complete relocation of machine shop to Ukishima Industrial Park.
2007(H19年)5月 Launch of full mold NC machining using CAD/CAM.
2007(H19年)12月 Complete relocation of main office to adjacent site.
2009(H21年)6月 Mr. Nobuhide Umezawa assumes office as third representative director.
2014(H26年)6月 Selected as a fiscal 2013 recipient of subsidies aimed at small and medium enterprises in manufacturing.
2014(H26年)6月 Launch of joint venture with NAN-U CAT CO., LTD. in Thailand.
2016(H28年)12月 Approval of business renewal plan.
2017(H29年)1月 Approval of plan for the improvement of business capabilities.
2017(H29年)3月 Selected as fiscal 2016 recipient of subsidies aimed at small and medium enterprises in manufacturing.

Access Map

Voluntary Environmental Action Plan

Established: April 2, 2018
Established By: Umezawa Cyuko Co., Ltd.


Umezawa Cyuko Co., Ltd. recognizes its responsibility in achieving a recycling-oriented society that is based on resource conservation and the recycling of materials. In order to promote energy conservation and further advance the development of our community, we establish the action plan described below so that we may become an environmentally-friendly company with a long-term vision.

[Basic Policies]

  1. Formulate a continuous management system that is friendly to the environment.
  2. Endeavor to reduce environmental burdens through healthy practices.
  3. Encourage each individual to be aware of environmental problems, starting with behavior that affects their immediate surroundings.

[Measures to be Enacted]

1. Formulate a continuous management system that is friendly to the environment.

  1. Promote energy-conserving activities.
    1. Upgrade to efficient industrial furnaces.
    2. Upgrade to efficient air conditioning units.
    3. Upgrade to efficient electrical transformers.
    4. Make energy consumption visible.
  2. Promote recycling and reduction of solid waste.
    1. Thoroughly carry out the recycling of materials.
    2. Promote reduction in solid waste.
  3. Promote reduction to environmental burdens.
    1. Use vehicles whose engines turn off when stopped.

2. Contribute to the community.

  1. Disseminate information about energy conservation.
  2. Promote environmental conservation and beautification.

3. Begin with behavior that affects one’s own surroundings.

  1. Encourage environmental awareness in daily life.
  2. Continue environmentally-friendly initiatives.

[Quantitative Goals]

  1. CO2 Emissions Reduction Goal
    • Our objective is to reduce our 2019 CO2 output by 5% compared to our CO2 output of 2017.
  2. Energy Conservation Goal
    • Our objective is to reduce our 2019 energy consumption by 7% compared to our energy consumption of 2017.

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